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Sorba is focused on addressing your site design and development needs.  

From feasibility studies to full construction documents, the Sorba team provides professional consultation services to clients in all areas of land development. This includes comprehensive site selection and planning, civil engineering and infrastructure design, stormwater management, and low-impact development. Sorba’s knowledge of the jurisdictional entitlement and technical approval processes, both on the federal and local level, is key in expediting permit procurement.

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure 


Sorba harnesses the latest technology to offer a full spectrum of civil engineering and site design solutions. Our team has addressed grading, drainage, erosion and sedimentation control, and stormwater management issues. This includes water, sewer, and dry utility routing; water network modeling, earthwork analysis, hydraulic and hydrology studies.

Sorba has established experience in roadway, parking, and pedestrian and vehicular transportation network improvements. Our team is knowledgeable of the unique requirements, and special challenges, of development and rehabilitation projects within both historically significant and environmentally sensitive areas.

Planning and Development


The Sorba team supports owners, developers, and designers with conceptual planning from beginning to end by assessing project goals; evaluating both the potential uses and unique constraints of each property; and evaluating the accessibility of the parcel, availability of existing supporting transportation networks, and impact on the surrounding community.


Throughout the planning and development process, we anticipate challenges and work to reduce their probability and impact. Our proven process guides the project through the entitlement and jurisdictional planning processes, making our client’s vision a reality.

Stormwater Management 

Sorba appreciates the importance of stormwater management, both for the sustainability of the environment, and for the protection of our clients’ assets and the public utility system. To address environmental challenges the team provides highly effective stormwater management, low-impact, sustainable and resilient design solutions while maximizing efficient use of the site. From simple drainage plans to complex stormwater network systems, we strive to find the ideal technical and cost-effective solution to deliver our clients’ program expectations.  

Our expertise includes more than the technical skills to plan, design, and integrate multiple stormwater management techniques into an overall site solution. Sorba uses our depth of experience working with governing authorities to ensure full compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

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